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NEW: HaarpCache v1.5 and HaarpViewer v1.1

El ‘proyecto’ Haarp se dará una pausa de cinco meses (desde: 01/05/14), avisamos que el sistema necesita de una actualización en el plugin Youtube.

Posibles soluciones y/o sugerencias aqui: Grupo de desarrolladores interesados en el projecto HaarpCache o Forks de ThunderCache 3.1.

* Update 2013/12/24: New system for the cleanign of cache: haarpClean v1.1. (for more info: /etc/init.d/haarpclean –help); update of core of haarp, please update you system.

* Update 2014/01/09: New plugins: aol, wrzuta and youku (update too the reporter for the web haarp-ext-js-viewer).

Update 2014/01/14: Improvement of synchronization and efficiency in the use of the cache, avoid the possible corruption of  files.

Update 2014/01/20: Driver of header Origin (Improvement the cache on Youtube), improvent the cache of Ytimg (cache of imagens of middle quality).

* Important Update 2014/01/27:  Fixed problem with parameters cms_redirect, ir, rr, etc for not corrupt files of the Youtube. (This will make cache from scratch, but no need to remove old cache files, they are automatically deleted with the haarpclean in the crontab, see the instalation for haarp 1.1 for the configure of crontab).

* Update 2014/03/10:  Fix the bug ‘free() invalid pointer’.

Hola comunidad del cache!.

In this post we’ll put a few of the new version of HaarpCache:


  1. Fix header of Hits, for the web Youtube (adding the header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ for the working with the browser google-chromium).
  2. Improved ad blocking Youtube.

Source Code:

Perform the following to update your haarp:

cd /tmp/
git clone git://
cd haarpcache
./configure CXX=g++-4.4
make clean
make install
mysql -u root -p < haarp.sql
cp /etc/haarp/haarp.conf /etc/haarp/haarp.conf.back
cp etc/haarp/haarp.conf /etc/haarp/haarp.conf
cp /etc/haarp/haarp.lst /etc/haarp/haarp.lst.back
cp etc/haarp/haarp.lst /etc/haarp/haarp.lst
#restart the systems:
service haarp restart
squid3 -k reconfigure

* Update the params of the file haarp.conf (please, see the instalation of the haarpcache 1.1).

The installation is seem that the version 1.1.

* Example of used of cleaning of cache:

/etc/init.d/haarpclean –dates 01/02/2013-20/11/2013 –domain youtube  (recommended for those using the haarpcache 1.1).

other example:

/etc/init.d/haarpcache –dates 01/10/2013-end (“end” for the date of today).

Video installation: